Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Autumn!!

Happy happy days!!!  The weather is cooler, the sun's been shining, and everything seems cozy and nice!  Love, love, love this time of year!  After spending a few years in the basement....I decided to bring my sawbuck table back up.  We never eat in the kitchen, so I figure it was safe.  I made some sweet potato garlands last night and hung them up on my peg shelf. 
On the top of my pie safe is a beautiful hand stitched pinkeep handmade and given to me by my dear friend, Lori Rippey.  I was so fortunate to have her come to the Holly Hills show and give me much needed help.  The dried yarrow are from the field surrounding her home in Iron River Michigan.  I just love them!  And below is a wonderful quilt made by Lori also.  Beautiful !! 
 This big, primitive cupboard was in the living room...not of much use...just for I figured it would be much better in my wool room.  It stores all of my wool and the cupboard below hides a multitude of stuff.  My room looks much neater and feels so much more organized.  
My back porch....I did a little fall fixin' was so beautiful out!! I bought more shutters for next years Harvest At The Mill Show !  It was such a wonderful show!   
 The old drop leaf table that I couldn't give away, but I'm glad I kept least for now.  As you can see, the porch floor has my grand children's artwork!
 Miss Sadie sitting in her wagon with some gourds.                                    
A foggy picture for some reason...but this is my favorite spot on the porch.   I'm in the process of redoing my house for fall.  Out with the newer stuff and in with the old primitive stuff.  My husband thinks I'm nuts!  I'm going to have more pictures to post.  Have a great evening! 


  1. Love that table! Soooo, what else is in your basement eh? Maybe that's where we should shop:)
    What is sweet potato garland?

  2. This is a wonderful post, I love your photos.
    Lori does beautiful work, I follow her blog.
    The fog makes it look like a very early misty morning.
    I love the table, and the shutters.

  3. Love your home Bobbie! I'm trying to decorate for fall also.

  4. Everything looks wonderful.The cupboard is great for storing you wool.
    Happy Fall.

  5. Bobbie ~ everything looks great ~ maybe I'll be inspired to do a little decorating!!

  6. Lovely pics.
    The decorated shutters are so clever.

  7. Morning Bobbie....I sure enjoyed looking at your home pictures!!! You have a prim knack!!!
    Yester was a beautiful day, I grilled when I got home.
    Love your header picture too.
    Have a wonderful day today.
    I am so glad I got to meet you at the show!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Love the table and (of course) the cupboard full of wool! :-) I've been looking for a small wagon... looks like fun to decorate it for the seasons...

  9. Morning, oh everything looks prim perfect inside and outside.....Welcome Fall, YAY!!!!love the table display, gourd on the crock looks great, Blessings Francine.

  10. Love all your Fall decorations Bobbie. This is my favorite time of year too!

  11. Hi Bobbie,
    What a great post - I love the table.
    I'm going to have to go back further in your blog and catch up!
    What a sweet gift from Lori (I was so glad to finally meet her at the show!). Her work is beautiful.
    I really like your space outside for relaxing - I see why this is a favorite spot.
    I'm kind of in the process of bringing out the Fall - today would be a great day to work inside on it but we have much else to do that will prevent me from it will come later, but I want it done NOW!!!
    Come on over and visit my blog when you can.

    1. P.S the cupboard full of WOOL is to die for! Cupboard and the wool.

  12. I LoVe the shutters in with the fall display. So primitive! The old wagon is a perfect spot for Miss Sadie and the gourds.LoVe all the pics.
    Fall blessings...Marg

  13. Thanks for sharing all those fabulous vignettes and furnishings! Very Fall-ish! I am NEARLY in the mood to switch over... not quite, cause this is our great summer time, now that the tourists are gone! Hugs!

  14. FABULOUS MY DEAR! Your shutters look perfect! You're giving me some ideas! What did you do with the tobacco fence? Can't wait to see pictures of that too. Do you need more shutters? Going to spend some time hookin' tonight - need a little down time! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  15. You have such an inviting home Bobbie! And your wool still my heart.
    Wishing you much joy...