Monday, January 12, 2015

Snowy Monday

Well...I think the latter part of January is going to make up for the mild winter we've had so far .  Snowy , cold, bad's here !

Went pickin' for some early finds for the Holly show in March.  It's  getting harder and harder to find those nice, primitive pieces that we all's a pic of my finds on Saturday..,

Stockings , wooden mashers, and old wood checker board, some berry baskets to hold some handmades, a little blue willow spice set and a tiny table top picture frame.

These are a pair children's shoes and socks I bought when in Indiana last week..

I found this old trencher in Shipshawana last week also.   It's a little bigger than I wanted but it sure has a lot of character!

As if Christmas wasn't hectic enough... Two days before I had the bright idea to make swags for my bedrooms.  I made them from homespun from Joann 's. They're not lined and I just made up my own pattern but I managed to make six sets for under. $30.  Now I'm going to shorten up the osnaburg tiers that are hanging.

Well... That's all I've got for now.. I've been a terrible blogger but on my newer laptop it's really hard to post... I'm using my iPhone  from now on !  But I'll leave with these two little sweeties.,,,

Have a great day !


  1. Great finds and love the old stockings, I can never find those around here. Your curtains came out beautifully, another thing on my to do list.


  2. Morning Bobbie, wow!!!! wonderful buys, drooling over the old wood mashers. Those are such sweet kiddo's, adorable in the monkey hat. Blessings Francine.

  3. Six sets of swags for under $30? You're hired :)
    Great finds. Love the table top picture frame. I have a couple waiting...and waiting...and waiting for!
    Sweet pics of the grands.
    Hugs :)

  4. Two sweeties indeed! Prims are very hard to find....and we have three shows in a row to find goodies...Janice

    1. Wow...three shows, Janice? THat's a lot of pickin'! Looking forward to the show in the spring!

  5. I so agree, getting so hard to find good prims...sigh... I won't be able to make the Holly show in march...but fingers crossed for the fall! OLM

    1. Oh darn Marie!!! I was hoping to have a booth next to you was so much fun last fall....Hope to see you September!