Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Doing a little stitching this week.  Making a sampler for one of my little ladies...then I'll have another one to stitch up after that.  I haven't picked up a hook in over two months and I'm sure missing it!  But I'll be heading to Sauder on February 5th for a two day hook in with pals, Lauren, Melissa, and Sheila..can't wait for that!!


I finished this rug about two months ago and have yet to bind you can see, our little tuxedo cat "Abe" really likes it just the way it is!  In fact...he likes all of my rugs...anytime of day, you can catch him napping on one of them in the living room.


  1. Hi Bobbie,
    Love your new piece and I'm sure your little lady will too!!
    Your kitty has good taste!! The rug is beautiful and so is he!! Have fun at Sauder!! I always feel so sad to think I lived so close to Archibold and knew nothing about rug hooking!! Enjoy your trip with the other girls!
    Warm Hugs from CA~

  2. Love your banner at the top !
    Lucky you - one day, I'm going to make it out to Sauder Village. ;)

  3. Good time for a getaway Bobbie!
    Have fun friend!!

  4. Hi Bobbie, love all your fabric birdies in the Header. Have a great trip, Blessings Francine.

  5. I do love that rug.
    I think I forgot to tell you how sweet all your pinkeeps are in the header pic.
    See you soon. WOO HOO!
    Hugs :)

  6. Love the colors in your rug and Abe is a sweetie! Have fun hookin. Janice