Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I must not have enough to do...this is my 3rd post in a week...oh well....I 've been plenty busy in the yard.  We're having a party on the 28th of this month, so of course, everything is in full speed to get the yard ready.  We've been waiting on our stupid contractor to enclose our porch for over three weeks...he keeps putting us off.....I'm so mad I'm ready to scream!!  Now is wont be finished till two days before the party...doesn't even give me enough time to get it ready....UGH!!  We signed the contract in early April...here it is near the end of June and NOTHING!!  Oh well....nothing I can do...but it sure makes me crazy...

Sunday, we went to Williamston Antique mall in Michigan....one of my favorites malls of all times!  It didn't disappoint...I picked up this beautiful sampler dated 1825 in my favorite blues, browns and tans....

I love the verse on it....
A little corner in my yard...this old, broken down gate hide our air conditioning unit...the strawberry plant is doing pretty good in the old tin bucket.

My other corner is loving the bright sun...so are the weeds!

A little lobelia and sweet basil plant....I think they like their living arrangement!


  1. love Williamston Mall. Wish it was closer. Hopefully you did not give that contractor any money to start your porch. Happened to my brother once, paid a down payment for his driveway and the guy NEVER showed up afterwards. Janice

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! I hope your porch gets done in time... contractors are always hopping between many jobs at one time instead of just sticking on one and getting it done...

  3. Loving your flowers Bobby. Sweet sampler too, always enjoy Visiting you.Blessings Francine.