Friday, June 12, 2015


Just a quick post.  While in Florida, we went to Sharon Renninger's antique avenue in Mt. of the little antique shops had beautiful, early goods.  Prices weren't too bad, but on the back wall I spotted this sampler.  It was in an awful frame, but the price was right.  I brought it home, took it out of the frame, painted it black and then tacked the sampler onto unbleached muslin and shoe laced the sampler in place.  It's in beautiful, muted colors with the year "1832".  I can't make out the initials but it has numerous initials throughout the sampler..  the size is 19in x 19 in.

Next, is a sampler purchase from etsy...It's a beautiful sampler dated "1852", but I don't think it's even nearly that old.  The stitches are too perfect, and there is no wear and tear on the linen...but I still love it just the same.

Today, I went to the one and only cross stitch store near my house.  Three times a year they have a 20% off of everything in the, I couldn't resist this Blackbird Design pattern and of course I had to buy the linen and all of the floss to go with I just have to find the time to do's on my ever growing list of projects!

I have had two days of NOT working in the I'll have to make up for it tomorrow....


  1. Love your sampler. Bob and I went to Mt Dora in Nov. His sister lives about 45 minutes from there. That cross stitch from Blackbird looks lie a lot of work, but it will be worth it once completed. Have a great weekend. I heard rain on Sunday, so maybe you might want to do your yardwork tomorrow. Janice

  2. Great sampler find. We have a huge one day antique show about an hour from here (in an open fairground) and my hub is in the local golf tournament. Thunderboomers all day and heavy rain. What's to do but stitch and shop!

  3. Great samplers, Bobbie!
    I need to get more yardwork done but everything's wet. I don't like to work in wet :(
    I guess I'd better get busy and get a few things made for Katie's hook in.
    See you in two weeks.
    Hugs :)

  4. Good morning Bobbie - I love your samplers! Great that you could salvage the one you purchased from Sharon Renninger's.
    Okay - now I go to a Sharon Renninger's up in Kutztown, PA - does she have two shops??? Very curious...I may have to look this up.

    1. Okay - just looked it's just Renninger's in Mt. Dora, FL....and Sharon Renninger's in Kutztown, PA.
      Not sure if it 's the same people though...I had to look it up as I was sooooo curious.

    2. Yep.. it is the same family. They also have one in Melbourne FL

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  5. Sampler are so nice and love the muted look Bobbie.
    Beautiful cool morning this morning to garden!
    PS Can I interest you ( again) having a booth at Antique Mercantile?