Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hope your Saturday is going well...mine has been kind of boring...laundry, washing the kitchen floor and then going to Joann Fabrics and buying nothing with the check out lines a mile long.   I did finish hand dyeing and staining the two samplers I was working on....I have a frame for each of them, but I just don't feel ambitious enough to frame them today.  The top sampler was stitched on old linen toweling.  I'm not sure what count it is..but is was so easy to stitch.  The sampler under, was 28ct DMC linen.  I used all DMC floss and used walnut stain to age them.  The top sampler was put in the oven a little too long and the edge I cut them off.  I barely have enough linen to shoe-lace the sampler before I frame it.

I looked and looked at some thrift shops for a decent glassed in cabinet that I could put in the antique mall to display my smaller items.  Usually, they have three or four to choose from, but today, nothing.  So my search will continue.   A couple of weeks ago, I found this treasure at a neighbor's garage sale:

It'll make a great display piece in my booth.  I sanded almost all of the orange paint off and repaired a couple cracks and splits in the wood.  Now I just have to paint it.  I'm going to use Olde Century Paint in Brownstone to finish it off.   When I'm tired of it...I'll sell it or bring it home!  It is quite a unique piece ..probably from the '40s.  

Have a great weekend, everyone...tomorrow we're going to Allegan MI for their monthly antique show.  We haven't been since last spring, so we are quite excited to see what treasures we'll be able to bring home!


  1. Love your samplers, Bobbie! That top one looks so great on the old linen. Will you be offering them in your booth? That furniture piece is awesome and will be great for display in your booth. I'd like to see how it looks after you paint it. Better yet, show us what it looks like in your booth please!! You lucky duck to get to go antiquing. I'm itching to go somewhere. Hugs, Lori

  2. Hi Bobbie,
    Oh, your samplers are just wonderful!!! I keep saying I am going to try to get back to cross stitch, but it seems that punch needle and rug hooking have taken my time!! One of these days........
    Your new find is really amazing and I love the paint you chose! We used to sell it at the shop where I worked and I love using it!! It will make that cupboard look fantastic!!! I agree with Lori.....please share your booth!!!! Hope you find some wonderful new treasures too!!! I will have to share some of my recent finds soon!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. Love the samplers, Bobbie!
    Looking forward to seeing the piece painted. Please share!!!
    Good luck tomorrow. I went to an outdoor show today and just about struck out.
    Happy hunting :)

  4. That is a neat piece of furniture! Stitching is pretty!

  5. All are treasures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the darker Sampler Bobbie! Your new piece will be a great piece for displaying .
    Call you later, want to hear about Allegan!

  7. I too have been searching for a cupboard for my wool so I can have it easily in reach instead of always having to go up and down the stairs for it. But nothing here. Glad you found something - your cupboard is wonderful! Lots of room.
    Are you doing Dawns show on Saturday? I didn't see your name on the vendors list.
    We are going and was hoping to see you there.

    1. P.S your samplers are beautiful...sorry I was going to mention that first but your cabinet took over LOL