Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Another fun filled day with my mom....geez...I could get used to this!  My mom and I went to Holly to visit friends Dawn and Dick Rossell proprietors of  Holly Hills Primitives.  They recently relocated  their primitive shop to their house on Maple Street, just a couple of blocks from main street.  It is a beautiful home, built in the 1860's by one of Dawn's great, great uncles.  It is the perfect setting for all of the wonderful prim wares they have to offer.

This is a wonderful settle that Dick made.  He added a peg rack to the top of the settle with a nice storage shelf under the seat.

And of course, the shop is filled with many creations made by Tammy Jias, "Grungy Primitives", a Michigan folk artist.  Tammy is just about the hardest working, most talented artists I've ever known.  All of the work is done with her own two hands and all of her work is her own creations.

So many rooms, so many treasures!!

My purchases today....A wonderful scarecrow made by Tammy...and a "Bemis" pumpkin made by her also...can't wait to start decorating for fall!

How about some potatoes??  Don't these look real?  Love them!!

My next post, I'm going to show one of my garage sale finds...I never go to garage sales, but two weeks ago I scored!!  I'm in the process of repainting it now...will post pictures later!


  1. Very nice - thanks for posting the pics.

  2. What a wonderful place. I would have gone crazy I think. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  3. Lovely things! How fun that your mom lives close to you!

  4. Was there a reason Dawn left her Mill store. I loved that one. Wondergful goodies you bought. Janice

    1. Oh no, Janice...this is a house that they own. The mill was nice, but the house is so much more suited for their shop, plus easier to heat! I just love it and you will too!!! It's beautiful and very primitive as well!

  5. What an awesome front porch! Love those two little pumpkin folk on the settle..... and the scarecrow and beamis pumpkin are perfect! Great items for autumn decorating!