Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I had the best time yesterday....well....I should say my mom and I had the best time.  We went to my friend Earlene's (Primitive Passion Decorating).  I couldn't wait for mom to see her gardens and her home.  I've been there before last winter, but have never seen her gardens except in a magazine and on her blog.  Oh my gosh!!!  They did not disappoint...they were beautiful!! My mom kept saying that she has never seen such a beautiful home (she love antiques too) and gardens.   Earlene has such an exquisite way of displaying and arranging items...and such a wonderful collection of prims!  I took a lot of I'll let them speak for themselves....

This is the entrance to her porch...beautiful black-eyed Susans...

Gorgeous and lush gardens everywhere you look, with a smattering of primitive accents...

Love this "faux out-house"....I love the bench and buckets that embrace the area...  

Look at  these birdhouses and gourds she has on the side of her house....why couldn't I ever think of that...a shelf on the outside of the house....wonderful!!

More prim birdhouses on this old apple or cherry picker ladder.   I think the watering can on a Shepard's hook is so adorable.

How about this?   Wouldn't you just love to wake up this ever morning?  I love cornfields...this one borders the back of her yard.  I love that clothesline too...she planted zinnias around the posts.

Last but not least is "Spunky"...Earlene's sweet little tuxedo cat!  I think he enjoyed the garden tour as much as we did!  In a few days, I'll post some pictures of  the inside of Earlene's think the outside is amazing.....just wait!!


  1. Hi Bobbie,
    Wow!!! Everything is just beautiful!!! Love all of her prim touches too!! Sure wish I had a green thumb!! At least all the things in my son's yard were planted by someone else!! Can't wait for Part 2 of the show!!!
    Thanks for sharing your visit!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. I would love to see Earlene's home and gardens in person! How wonderful you and your mom could visit. Great pictures! Can't wait for part two!! Hugs, Lori

  3. Thanks for the tour - got lots of great ideas!

  4. Oh Bobbie, you and your mom are so lucky to visit Earlene's home and gardens. I love her home too, her style in primitive decorating is like no other. Can't wait to see more, thanks for sharing,Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi Bobby-
    Earlene said you were still interested in the green lollipop shelf? I still have it. My email is:

  6. Earlene has such a knack for decorating, both inside and out. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  7. Earlene's place is awesome from the pics in the magazines. Some day I need to stop by and visit her. Janice

  8. I have always loved looking at Earlene's garden photos. I dream of having pretties like hers...but sadly we have very little sun.
    Thanks for sharing!!