Monday, August 24, 2015


Just a couple more pictures of Earlene's beautiful prim home...I took a lot more, but for some reason...there was a bright I only have these three...This is the entry way off of her porch...beautiful the background, is her buttery which is just stocked full of wonderful early items she has collected for years.

I love her kitchen....this is an early dough box table that she uses as an island.  And look at those wide planked pine floors....they are through out her home and are just beautiful!

And one of my favorite parts of her home...her laundry room....I love old wash boards, as does Earlene.  She has them displayed so beautifully!  She even has some in a wire basket sitting on the sweet!  And just look at all of the old detergent boxes and soaps she has!  I need to get rid of a bedroom and make myself an upstairs laundry!! to do some laundry in my miserable little laundry the dungeon...yuck!  Have a great day!


  1. A beautiful space--I find all the rooms delightful and my kind of space

  2. Just wonderful! She sure does have a beautiful prim home! Janice

  3. Fabulous! Earlene has a knack for putting her wonderful things together. Thanks for sharing. Jane

  4. Earlene's home has always been a favorite of mine to see...she has the perfect touch.
    Thanks for taking us along on your fun visit!

  5. LOVE Earlene's home! I never tire of seeing pics. Hugs, Lori