Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It been a fun past weekend and hopefully, a fun filled antiqueing weekend coming up...Last week I was at the Lake Side Hook In hosted by Katie Allman.  This year the theme was a western themed hook in.  So much fun!!!  I was thrown in jail, not once but twice!  Had to be bailed out with a quarter of a yard of wool...thankfully, I had good friends, otherwise I might still be behind bars!!

Fellow hooker, Rhonda, was thrown in the clinker with me and the horse....My second offense was saying "Go Blue" innocent mistake...forgetting I was in a room full of Buckeyes...But I fooled the sheriff and deputy....I moved the jail to my hooking spot..."have hooker will travel...jail and all"..

It was so much fun!  Katie, her sister Lara, and her good friend Sue do such an amazing job at Lakeside...year after year...the fun never stops and neither do the laughs!  It's a wonder we get as much hooking done as we do!!

I love these frame covers that Lauren and Val made...they are on my to-do list for sure:

Just a nice little proddy project for the future!

Now, I have to show some pictures of my youngest, little grand daughter, Alexandra, who lives in South Carolina...the pictures are with my youngest son, Jeff..her father.

Tomorrow morning, hubby and I are off to Kutztown and Adamstown Pennsylvania for the antique extravaganza.  We weren't going to go...then were going to know the drill...but we decided it might be the last trip we take for a few months.  I've been to Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in the spring of 2014 and it was really, really I'm hoping this show will be as much fun!  I just might have some treasures to share when I get back!!


  1. Get busy on a frame cover. Super simple and fast to do.
    Enjoy your trip to PA and I hope you find lots of treasures to share.
    So much fun spending time with you at Lakeside.
    Safe travels :)

  2. I forgot to say what darling pictures of Jeff and Alexandra!

  3. What a fun time at Lakeside, great picture.. Enjoy the trip to PA, love the pictures of Jeff and daughter,so cute.Blessings Francine.

  4. Love the flowers, that looks fun to do. Beautiful photo of your son and grand daughter and I hope you have fun at the show.


  5. What a lil cutie! Have fun at the show. Too fun that yoou were in jail. Sounds like you had fun. Janice

  6. What a fun and delightful time you had at Lakeside!
    Maybe one time I will make it there.
    Those hooking frame covers are wonderful - I shall make one because when I store mine I'm forever bumping it getting something else I need and I don't like those prickies I get lol
    Adorable grandbaby and a very handsome son!
    Have fun at Renninger's - I just may hop in the car and get there in time!