Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We had such a beautiful day.  All of us Holly Hookers met at fellow hooker's house, Sheila.  Her house is just beautiful!  Exactly the type of decor and colors I love!!  Her home is magazine perfect!!  I took just a few pictures.  Some are a little dark  but I think you'll enjoy them:

A corner of her wool perfectly organized! Sheila has so many of her handmade items throughout the house, this pumpkin pillow being one of them.

Her wall of wool (there was lots more in really neat metal baskets under this table).  Look at those cute jars with spools of threads!  Everything has a place (unlike my wool room...everything has a place on the floor, on my desk, on my cutting table......).

This was at the other corner of her wool room...I think any rughooker would have wonderful dreams sleeping in this room!

Sheila made this wonderful Maggie B. wool applique.  It is hanging on her bedroom wall.  I couldn't get a good picture of her room because it was a little dark .

This is her living room...the fireplace is just gorgeous...I love her owls and crows marching across the mantle.  She also made us a wonderful lunch...baked potato bar with a wonderful salad, rolls, and of course...a great carrot cake!!  Like I said...It was a great day!  Thank you Sheila!!

Last but not little "Scalliwag"...She crawls up in my chair and then her papa spins her around and around .   She's getting bigger by the day and showing more and more of her personality!

Thank you so much for all of you kind comments regarding my dad's passing.  It is so heartwarming to read all of sure makes you feel a little bit better....thank you!


  1. Your friends home is beautiful, my taste & colors too! I think its always fun to hook at a fun place that inspires you! Tammy

  2. What a fun and lovely home and so glad you enjoyed your time there.
    I have my wool and other things in several places of the house - wherever I can find a space for it. Would love to have a designated space that's for sure.
    What a sweet sweet grand-baby you have...I can see why you both dote on her, not hard to do is it?

  3. Hi Bobbie, what a beautiful home, good you enjoyed yourself. Scaliwag is so adorable!!!! Blessings Francine.