Sunday, May 29, 2016


After being sick most of last week, I was able to venture out on Saturday to Ida MI to a terrific antique sale at Nancy Nemec's home.  She hosts this every year, but this is the first year I was able to attend...and so happy that I did!! I arrived shortly before 9am and there was already a line.  These are the items I bought and I am so thrilled with them...I've already found places in my home...didn't take long!!  

Nancy has several vendors participating in her was primitive heaven!  Prices were so, so good!  I passed up an old green-blue bucket with a bale handle...had it in my hand..put it down...and before I turned around it was gone!!  But I was able to buy these other two buckets.  

This is Nancy's beautiful home...I was unable to go thru her gardens which I deeply regret...but it was so blasted hot out and I still wasn't feeling 100%..not even I only stayed for about 30 minutes...

This whole area in south eastern Michigan is absolutely gorgeous...what I wouldn't give to live in these parts ...but it will never for now...I'll just have to look forward  to visiting Nancy's sale again next year!


  1. You scored big girlfriend! Never heard of Nancy's sale. Maybe I can go next yeear. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the weekend. Janice

  2. You sure did some power shopping in that short amount of time...heat gets me even on good days...hoping you're feeling better those buckets...

  3. Hi Bobbie,
    You found some WONDERFUL pieces!!! Just think what you would have done if you were 100%!!! Love your treasures, especially the box with drawers and those two buckets!! Hope you feel better soon!!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Wow Bobbie!!!! You did good!!!!
    I realized I forgot to bring the sewing needles I got for you.

  5. Gorgeous house. Love to hear about fabulous primitive offerings that are no where near to me. Yes I certainly do. Green is not my color yet it continues to show through. Nice buckets! Hope you're feeling well.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. You have been finding so many treasures lately. Can you say jealous??? Lol.
    Happy Memorial Day. Please thank hubby for his service.

  7. Spring and summer bugs are the worst but it looks like you had a good day and found some wonderful goodies.


  8. Love what you purchased, Bobbie! Great finds! Her home is lovely. Hope you are feeling better. Lori

  9. Oh Bobbie, you did wonderful!!!! Love all your treasures,Hugs Francine.

  10. Love all of your treasurers. You did really well :) I hope you are feeling better.
    It was so hot here on Saturday also. I went to an Antique sale and was ready to go home after an hour because of the heat. Have a great weekend.