Friday, June 3, 2016

GARDENING AND STITCHING... husband keeps telling me that gardening will keep us young...I keep telling him that gardening is going to kill us.....we just have too many flower beds, too many weeds, and too much watering...a condo looks pretty darn good about now!  Today...I spread 15 bags of mulch in our front flower beds...and it was hot....luckily...there's not too much weeding in the front, but the side and back yard is another story.

I started at 9 am and finished at 3.  I was so dirty that I was tempted to spray myself off with the hose before coming into the house to shower...but the front is done now.    

I used to plant impatients all along the walkway and the other side of the front...but by August...they
always started to wimp out on me....looking straggly, frail...that I decided not to plant any more and just go with the mulch and glad I did! 

A quick little applique that I did earlier this week.  Design was taken from Rebekah Smith's book.  I
needed a little something for my little round table....I haven't done applique in years...and I quite enjoyed it!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, my hooking friends and I are heading down to the Western Reserve Hook In in Chagrin Falls, OH....I am beyond excited!!!  It's such a great time with just the best get to see so many of my Ohio friends!!  I feel so fortunate that we were able to get in, because there's always a waiting list....Have a great weekend...I'll post pictures of the hook when I get back!!


  1. Have a great time at the hook! Take photos of everything. Mulching----whew! It is a job, here in the NW they call it bark dust. We had 10 yards (a full dump truck) delivered. We have about 7 yards spread. Going to have a 2 day heat wave (high 90's) so they rest will have to wait til it cools down.

  2. Your front yard looks wonderful the simplicity of the beds...hostas are a favorite...I am green with envy for everyone going to the hook in close to home!

  3. Lots of work but so worth it, it looks beautiful. I am lazy, I let the weeds grow, lol.
    Appreciate your comments but they keep coming as no reply.


    1. What does " no reply" mean? That's weird...sorry Deb!

  4. Yard and appliqué are lovely.
    Safe travels!

  5. Love your outdoor decorating. That little table is wonderful.

  6. Hi Bobbie,
    Everything looks soooooo pretty!!! You can tell you worked hard on it, and am so happy you rewarded yourself with a nice applique piece!! When you are "no reply" it means that there is a setting somewhere that does not allow others to reply to your comments you post on their blogs! Google it to find out how to correct it or go to Saundra at Woodlandjunction blog as she has posted several times about it and how to correct it!! I always feel badly when I get comments that I can't reply to, so hopefully that helps!!!
    Have fun at the Hook In and sure wish I was going!!!!
    Warm Hugs~