Sunday, February 12, 2017


Last weekend was our annual winter hook in at Sauder Village in Ohio.  I met up with friends, Lauren and Melissa and brought my Holly Hooker pals too.  It was a great two day hook in.  I did manage to "almost" finish my little mat, a design from Lori Rippey.....I did finish it when I got home...

On our way, we stopped at an antique mall and just couldn't resist trying on vintage hats and then taking goofy pictures.....

The day before we left for Sauder, we had hooking at friends Wendy's house...this is a corner of her beautiful kitchen with her collection of yellow ware.  The hooked rug, is one she designed of her dog chasing a frog at their cottage.

And then...a corner of her sitting room...I love her three-legged pub table...

This week, we were off to Sheila's beautiful home to hook...well...mostly to gab and eat....but I did manage to bind a small rug....Here are a few pictures of her workroom....

I love her work bend and how neatly all of her wool is organized...of course, Sheila says it very rarely looks this neat....I don't know if I believe her!

I love her "Simplify" mat!

This Maggie B applique is just gorgeous!!  It hangs in her bedroom.....

And then here kitchen with the sweetest little island....

And as if, I didn't have enough dear sweet hubby took me down to Delaware OH to some wonderful antique shops.  My early, pine shelf....I have wanted one for a while to hang over my dry sink...

And then a blue and cream coverlet, a tiny oval, walnut frame with a rather stern looking young woman and my favorite.....a Victorian clip board.  The board itself, I believe was velvet but of course, the nap has been worn completely down except for the sides.....It only measures 3 1/2 inches...

Well...thanks for looking at all these pictures!  I hope you all have a nice Sunday...
Although, I don't blog often...I still thoroughly enjoy I thoroughly enjoy reading other's blogs too...FaceBook is fine....with just blurbs of this and that, political jargon, jokes (sometimes funny, sometimes not), but the friendships that have evolved over blogging, is can have hundreds of "friends" on FB, and not really get to know any of them...but blogging, I believe is a way of connecting with like minded whether or not people post a comment, I know that my blog is read, as I read other blogs and may or may not post a comment....but thank you for all of your kind comments, either by my blog or by email.....I enjoy sharing a little bit of my life with all of you and I certainly enjoy being a part of your lives...and I will continue to blog! 


  1. Bobbie, I would love to go to Sauder, maybe next summer. I should get back to blogging too! Love your pics.

  2. Thanks for continuing to blog...I like both blogs and FB...but it is the blogs where you can better get to "know" someone...I'd be lost without my online friends...some day I'll get to's only on the other side of the state from me! love seeing pics of your travels and purchases...happy Sunday!

  3. What a great week, would love to go there someday and sharing it with friends is even better. It is not that far that we couldn't get over there, so will have to plan to do it when the weather is better. Love the homes, lots of inspiration.


  4. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photo's that you share. I love the blue coverlet and the photo and Victorian clip board. All your other new treasures too! What fun way to share special times with friends and to share each others home decor. You help to inspire us who also like your style.

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun - aren't girlfriends just the best? Thanks for continued blogging. I enjoy reading yours and seeing what you are up to. A longtime friend of ours bought me the same hand clip that is on your note board. I just have the hand clip itself and love it on my antique oak library desk. I always smile to think he bought it for my birthday that year.

  6. Lovely post. I love the way everythinh is decorated!

  7. I am in complete agreement with you about the blogging. I find it a mindful & quiet respite for me to gather thoughts on posting, and how much I enjoy following and reading others' blogs as well ~ like yours!

  8. I so believe I have made many many friends via my blog. It is so nice to see how others decorate and what is happening in their lives. I can visit all throughout the country without leaving my seat. Bob and I will need to visit Delaware. Don't remember going to that town. You scored some wonderful goodies! Janice

  9. I am new to your blog but I love to come and visit here and see what you have been doing. Your home is beautiful and like others, I enjoy hearing about your projects and adventures with other friends who love Prims! Thanks for taking time to offer us out here a bit of time to share and visit with you.

  10. Evening Bobbie, love your beautiful home, so warm and have so much fun with your friends. Enjoy hearing about your fun times.... Glad your still blogging, I'm too.Hugs Francine.

  11. I enjoy reading Blogs Always learn something new seeing an idea for decorating great recipes etc. Thanks for sharing your friends home Very neat room OH that pine shelf is too sweet like how its been done

    linda m

  12. Hi Bobbie,
    I so loved your post and am so happy you are going to continue to blog!! I totally agree with you about all the wonderful "like minded souls" who have become friends through blogging and like you, I will continue to blog as well!! Loved seeing all your photos today, of happy friends, a beautiful friend's home, and all your lovely new treasures!! I truly sounds like the PERFECT WEEK!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  13. I agree that blogging is much more personal. I have made many friendships through my blog and I plan to continue, too.
    Your hooker friends sure do have beautiful homes.
    Love all your new/old goodies.
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  14. Love the pic with you gals trying on hats! :-) Beautiful wool stash too! I enjoy blogs very much too... though I also read blogs more often than I update my own blog... lol! Very soon I will have more time to blog... :-) Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Love all the eye candy in your post! Your little mat is so sweet - is it a design by My Red Cape? (can't think of her name) The wool cubbies & work bench is to die for - I'd LOVE to have one of those! And the yellowware display really caught my eye cuz I have a lot of that myself. Thanks for all the great pictures!

    1. Just remembered - - - - Edyth O-Neill

  16. I certainly agree with you - I prefer to read blogs rather than Facebook. Love all your finds - lucky you.