Sunday, February 26, 2017


Every week, I look forward to Wednesdays.....because that's our hooking day!  I always dreamed of meeting up with pals and a sharing a day or two a week to rug hook & engage in pleasing conversation....just goes to show, that some dreams do come true!  We have a wonderful group of nine, sometimes ten women who gather in each other's homes to hook. And every Wednesday, it's at a different house.  It's fun to see how each of us interpret our style, into our daily lives.

This past Wednesday, we hooked at the beautiful home of Bonnie.  Bonnie had lived in a farmhouse, with 64 acres, and two or three large barns.  Tons of farm equipment, tractors, plows, you name it....After her husband passed away almost two years ago Bonnie decided it was time for a change and to downsize.  She bought a beautiful condo in the same quaint little town of Holly.  It is just gorgeous and it faces a beautiful, wooded area.   Here are some pictures of her new home...I think you'll enjoy....

I love her furniture....

Her valances are gorgeous!  She designed a wool applique valance to match her loveseat.  
I apologize for the picture being so dark....

Bonnie, frames a lot of her rugs...and look at the wool tree she made this past's adorable!

She has a delightful collection of flour sifters...she has been collecting them for years.  Some of them were her mother's.

And a little snap of her cloth veggies!

On Friday, we all went to Anne Bond's Hooking studio, Visions of Ewe.  We usually go about twice a year to shop.  If you haven't met Anne and her friend Nancy, make it a must if she is vending at a hook in near you.  They are both a wealth of information.  Every time we pay her a visit...she helps us color plan,  helps us in learning to dye, finishing our rugs, I could go on and on.  This summer, all of us are taking a three day work shop in her home....and I can't wait!  I'm not a big "class taker" and rarely do I cough up the money to take a class...but I have heard such great things about her and have witnessed her generosity in promoting the art, that I am truly excited!

Well..that's it for today...have a wonderful day...I'm missing the spring-like weather we had this past week...


  1. Thank you for sharing Bonnie's home. It's lovely.
    Lucky you to attend a workshop with Anne Bond. I'm sure it will be great fun.
    Happy Sunday 😊

  2. I really enjoyed this blog and the pics of these lovely homes.
    I am a widow and downsized like Bonnie had to do.
    Wish I had a hooking group here as I'm a newbie and only
    got this far because of Lauren's generosity! I have found a
    group that is 60 miles away and I'm going for the first
    time Tues. I love your blog. Julia in SC

    1. Thank you Julia....I have to travel 71 miles one way to meet my hooking pals...but it is so worth the trip!

  3. The studio and Bonnie's home are both just beautiful! And I LOVE her appliqué valance!!! Thank you for sharing, Bobbie.

  4. Evening Bobbie, love Bonnie's home, very welcoming and cozy, Studio is wonderful, what fun to get together.Blessings Francine.

  5. What a beautiful home and I love the wool shelving, I need one of those;)


  6. I loved the photos of your friend's home! She has made it so cozy and lovely with all of her beautiful antiques and special touches. It is fantastic to have a group of friends that you can gather and share common interests on a regular basis. Your friends shop looks like a rug hooker's paradise!

  7. Hi Bobbie,
    Your friend's home is soooo warm and inviting!! I'm sure you all have such a great time meeting in each other's homes and hooking and sharing what you love!! That studio looks AMAZING and LOVE all that wool!!! It would be so hard to leave!!! I know you will enjoy that workshop!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Wonderful home. Wish I could join you ladies on Wednesdays...sounds like so much fun. Alas, still have to work for a living. Darn. See you soon in Holly! Janice

  9. Thanks for sharing your pictures...I bet you have a wonderful time hooking with friends - it sounds like fun to me!