Sunday, June 18, 2017


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.....we'll be going to our grand daughter Charlotte's, dance recital this afternoon...those are always so sweet!! And then we'll be heading to dinner with out family later.

It's been kind of a quiet week around here...which is a good thing.  I'm taking a Donna Hrkmann rug hooking class offered by my  guild in Dearborn, The Michigan Rugg Artistes.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time!!  I would like to learn to hook faces, but I am a primitive I don't know how that is going to fly!  I heard Donna is an exceptional instructor and will teach just about any method suited to you...but I can't imagine hooking a face with 8 or 9 width wool...LOL!!  So, I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone and learn to hook with 5's or 6's....UGH!!  I'm going to hook a picture of my grand daughter Rory to give to my daughter on her birthday....but it depends on what it looks like...I may be the new Picasso (meaning an eye up here and another down there)!!  This is the photo that I have transferred onto my linen...I'm concentrating on her face but learning shading techniques for the rest of her, as well.   It will be least for me!  But I wanted to do something a little different and learn something new...

Just about to finish my sampler by Lori Rippey, "I Choose Joy'...I love it!

I did it on 20 count evenweave linen. I hand dyed it before I stitched, but I may sprinkle a few little drops of coffee just to age it a bit more.  This was a really fun design!  I'm going to frame mine...I'm going to order Lori's new pattern, "Polly Cole"...she just listed it on her picturetrail last evening.  It's beautiful!!

This is an antique sampler that I picked up for next to nothing at an antique mall in Ohio last summer.  It was framed horribly so I took it out and just hung it on my corner cupboard.  It's in great shape..not crazy about the pink in it, but considering it's dated 1843, I fell in love with it anyway.

Well...that's it for now.  We're heading down to South Carolina on Thursday.  My son and his bride are moving down there so he can be close to his daughter.  We sure will miss the both of them!  He is the first of my five children to move out of state...and I'm hoping the last!!

Have a great Sunday!  I'll let you know how this rug hooking class is going!! 


  1. I, too, have heard that Donna is an excellent teacher. Have fun and enjoy the class.
    Any antique sampler is good ~ especially a bargain one.
    Safe travels, my friend.
    Happy Sunday :)

  2. Hope Dave had a great Father's Day! Good luck hooking faces...just trying to get the knack of doing it, so not for me. Make sure you show us your creation. Janice

  3. Love those bears in the chair! Thank you so much for giving the link to my new PT site my friend. So glad you are enjoying stitching my designs. I hope you enjoy stitching your Polly Cole too!
    Such a sweet pic of Rory. I'll look forward to seeing how your rug goes. I would find it challenging too but I'm sure you will do fine with it. Renee will be so thrilled with it no matter how it turns out, I'm sure. Safe travels! Hugs, Lori