Wednesday, June 14, 2017


To say that the months of April and May have been busy and worrisome, is an understatement!  My daughter's health is in jeopardy..she's doing a bit better but not out of the woods yet, my daughter-in-law suffered very severe heart attack..and is doing ok, again...not out of the woods yet.....and then my poor mom fell and broke a vertebrae in her lower back,  she's been miserable and now has to use a cane or walker.   Last but not least....a joyous occasion in the midst of all this...... my youngest son got married...whew....I think I covered it all in a nutshell....anyway....I'm hoping the worst is behind us.  All of that was just in five short to say, I have not been in the mood to blog..UGH!!

I haven't done much in the way of rughooking, but I have been doing a lot of punch needle.  That was one needle craft that I really didn't enjoy doing, but then I started watching some YouTube videos..mainly Lori Brechlin's and Ronda Tedder's and I can't believe the difference it made! I actually enjoy it now!  I have been working on a penny rug from Cee Rafuse, the Three Diamonds, but I can only sew on  that one for a short time but I'm almost done.

And some pictures from my son's wedding:

His beautiful bride, Megan....

My youngest son, Jeff....

The Mr  & Mrs

And I just couldn't leave the two little flower girls out of the youngest grandaughter's...Alexandra and Rory...I think they had the most fun of all!!'s been busy...but I did have time to make a few things to offer on this evening's Early Work Mercantile update.   Please join us at 9 pm to check out what we have to offer!!
Have a great week and stay cool!


  1. You have had a stressful few months !
    I hope everyone continues to heal and move forward. You family has been blessed with a daughter in law. The wedding pics are lovely, (especially those sweet little granddaughters!).

  2. Bobbie,
    Your stress levels must be off the chart. Prayers that everyone gets out of the woods soon.
    Alexandra and Rory are the sweetest flower girls ever!
    Looking forward to your EWM update. I don't know how you've had time to do anything.
    Hugs :)

  3. So sad to hear about the problems with your family members. The new married couple are so sweet. Bob and I missed you and Dave at Springfield, but it did indeed thunder and rain all of the days we were there. Hope everything goes better now for you and please keep us posted. Love your needlework projects. Am already working on Fall stuff myself for the show in Holly. Take care my friend, Janice

  4. Prayers that your family has healing powers bestowed upon them.
    Love your punched pieces, they are beautiful. And the wedding photos are wonderfully done, such a beautiful couple.


  5. Oh Bobbie, I wasn't aware of everything going on in your family. I'm so sorry. Prayers for your daughter, DIL and mom. Your family is certainly in need of some better days ahead! The wedding pics are lovely. Those little girls are the cutest! Your punch needle pieces are wonderful! I have to do my kit from Cee yet but just haven't found the time. Take care my friend and I certainly hope the coming days are filled with blessings of healing for your loved ones. Lori