Thursday, February 14, 2019


You would think with this cold, miserable weather I would have tons of projects to show you that are finished...and I mean fully finished...but nope...sometimes the days just slip away from me...but I do have a few things to show you....first of all...we have have a wonderful rughooker in our guild that is also our "education guru" and is always teaching us new things in the rug hooking world.  Last week, we had a two day hookin and she, Deb Szwed, demonstrated "ice dyeing" for our wool.

First, she soaked her wool in a water vinegar mix for twenty four hours.  She used the natural wool from Dorr, which is just an off-white wool. Very soft and very easy to dye.  Then she chose five colors of crystal or powder dyes...I forget the brand she used...sorry...but you can see from the examples, Deb chose colors that would blend in well together....

After she scrunched up the wool...she place it on a slotted rack, like a refridgerator shelf or baking rack, making sure all of the wool was scrunched up enough to overhang of wool.  Then the rack was placed over a plastic bin that would be deep enough to hold the water from the melted ice....

Next....she loaded a small bag of ice on top of the wool, making sure it was all covered evenly...then....she sprinkled the color at a time...then we waited....

The next morning...this is the result....a beautifully, rainbow colored piece of wool...the colors were much more vibrant in person..but so cool and so easy...I think I would even be able to do this!!!  I'm not a wool dye person, but I love hooking with it!

Well..after that...this is my measly attempt at hooking No. 10 Pumpkin Lane by Wooley Woolens.  It's a big it'll take a lot of time I'm sure!

Lastly....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone!!!  This is my little grand daughter Alexandra with her braided heart hair...don't you just love it!!!

Have a wonderful day....if you're in the frozen tundra like us here in Michigan...stay safe and stay warm!!!


  1. How cute Alexandria is with her heart braid. I bet everyone complimented her! Being in the tundra is an understatement. It's a hot mess over here with the ice. I've been hooking some projects for the Holly show...small stuff. See you soon! Janice

  2. What a gorgeous piece of wool. Not something I would use but beautiful nonetheless.
    Alexandra's hair is just too cute!!!

  3. I love that wool! I always wished I lived someplace with snow so I could try it that way too. Your wool hooking is wonderful. I loved your grand daughters hair. So Pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Your wool colors are lovely. What an interesting technique.
    Loving your hooked rug !
    Your Granddaughter's braided hair is so very pretty. I'll bet she felt like a princess.

  5. What a great idea - dyeing wool in ice. I'm really enjoying your blog. Can I ask - are you a member of a rug hooking guild in Holly? I live in northern Oakland county and have been trying to find a group of rug hookers in the area. Also, is there a rug hooking event in Holly any time soon? I'd love any information you can provide. Thanks!