Monday, March 20, 2017

TIME FOR A REST's been a while....but I've been so busy.  Now that the show in Holly is over....and I have restocked my antique booth in Jackson...I finally have time to breathe....I think I'm getting too old for this stuff...but does keep me going!!  This post is, of course, picture bear with me...but I think you will enjoy most of them.

The first picture is of my serving area separating my  kitchen and dining room...I plan on having it knocked out so I can have one big eating area instead of two small areas....this is an old buggy seat that I have had for a long time.  It was busted up on the bottom, but my husband was able to repair it using old wood.  I took it to the Early Homestead Show this past Saturday and had a great price on it....bartering down to garage sale prices seemed to be the scheme of the I refused to accept ridiculous offers & take it home myself...

This is Earlene's booth (Primitive Passion Decorating) was stocked full of primitive goodies!!

Sandra Nolan's booth...she has a shop in Curtice Ohio...The Grainery

This is Jamie Hess Brunt's booth...she, too, has a wonderful primitive shop in Millsbury Ohio, Cornfield Primitives.  Sandra's shop and Jamie's shop are within 15 minutes of each other, so if you are ever in the area..stop in!!  You will not be sorry!!!  They have a wonderful selection of gorgeous prim furnishings!

Next, is Bridgewater Primitives...they are from Alliance Ohio...they, also have a shop...

Then, my booth.....

Then, below, you can see the above mentioned, buggy seat.....glad it came home with me!

Ditty or seed bags that I made from the backing of antique quilts..

It's always, always fun to do these meet so many nice people and the day just seems to fly by...but like anything is very tiring....I'm still tired and my poor husband could hardly walk when we loaded up in the afternoon.  

I have pictures of my antique booth at the Antique Mercantile in Jackson MI, but for some reason my pictures won't load up, so that will have to wait for another day...Thank you for all of your kind happy when you all come for a visit!!   


  1. Pictures are wonderful! I was saying no to some crazy offers too, but they ended up purchasing anyway. Breckenridge this weekend. Please share your booth pics. Happy Spring my friend. Janice

  2. Wish I lived closer, maybe someday I will have to take a trip that way.
    Lots of nice goodies.


  3. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I could not make it up!
    Happy spring :)

  4. It has to be exhausting to load and unload then setup and break down and load again for shows. But you have a good time and meet lots of people! I've been to Bridgewater and would love to some day visit the others.

  5. It's a lot of work to do a show. I'm sorry people wanted your goods for nothing. The buggy seat looks great at your house! Thanks for showing us some of the show. It looks like it was a wonderful one. Lori

  6. Hi Bobbie,
    I'm so happy you decided to keep that buggy seat!! It would have been such a shame to let it go and it looks wonderful in your home!! Yes, I know how tough doing shows is and how very tiring!! Hope you both get some much deserved rest!! The show looked fantastic and sure don't see all of those wonderful pieces out here.......sigh!
    Hope you enjoy your week and thanks so much for sharing the great photos!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Thank you for sharing.
    I used to love to be able to go to shows,
    But have not been able to for several years now.
    So many nice things.

  8. I sure do miss the antique booths of Ohio!!

  9. Bobbie, I love your photos that you shared! What a fantastic show and everyone's booths looked full of gorgeous primitive things. I especially loved your ditty bags that you created from antique quilt backs. Very clever and useful too.

    It must be very tiring to do these shows but I hope you were able to make the sales that made it worth your time and energy. If I lived closer, I would love to attend a show like this. Have a restful weekend and thanks again for your post!