Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ann Arbor Hook In

Last Saturday, April 15th, was the annual Ann Arbor Hook-In.  This year, it was my guild, Michigan Rugg Artistes that hosted (we get it every 3 years).  Although, there are only 33 of us, I think we did a pretty good job.  We had wonderful vendors..Kris Miller, Anne Bond, Lynn Kosarek, the Ault's, just to name a few much luscious wool to choose from and so many patterns!

My friend, Andrea and I were in charge of the cookie and beverage table.  Just look at all these goodies we had:

Our rug display, was disappointingly small this year.   Although, 200 rugs were registered to be brought, only a handful actually made it....the hookers came, but not their was a small showing, but there were still beautiful rugs!  This one below, is from my friend Bonnie.   She designed and hooked this rug for her bathroom.  It's just gorgeous!

The following rugs, were brought in by fellow hookers:  This is a design by Anne Bond.  I think it is called "Hedwig" was just beautiful...I plan on hooking it in June....

And then, this rug which was way more beautiful in person than on camera.  I don't know who the designer is or who hooked it...but it was quite the eye catcher! 

This is a pillow I completed last week.  I've never hooked a pillow now I'm on to the next one.  I really enjoyed this little design from Maggie B.  

This is a wool applique design by Maggie B....stitched by my friend Sheila. Another beauty!!

Went to my antique booth this past Tuesday and brought in some more items....took some home too   I hate when items sit around in a booth for months on end...I like to change it up every now and again.  It's been a little slow in sales the past two I'm hoping things will pick up.  Primitives in Michigan seem to be on a downward's hard to find them and it's getting harder to sell.   I think people's tastes are changing...young folks seem to like the industrial white farmhouse style instead of the drab, darker decor.    I know my tastes have definitely changed over the past 5 years...

Well...that's it...hope I'm not MIA for another son's wedding is in four weeks so we'll be busy with that....have a great weekend!!  I'm going out to the yard to do the much dreaded yard clean up....maybe I should keep a smile on my face like this gal....then the work wouldn't seem so bad!


  1. The Ann Arbor hook in was great fun, as always! It was so good to see you.
    Love your pillow finish. I've not yet made a pillow. Finishing is just not my forte.
    Way too cold in northern Ohio to do yard work today. I wanted to mow the lawn, but not in a winter coat and gloves. Tomorrow promises to be better.
    Hugs :)

  2. Well those rugs that did make your event are just gorgeous and those darling lambs in your header are too cute! I love that photo of the young woman ready to do yard work. sigh. If only I still looked so slender in jeans! LOL! Have a great weekend and good luck with your upcoming wedding for your son.

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  4. What rugs are pictured are beautiful The sheep are very sweet Nice job on youre first pillow

    linda m

  5. A shame that more rugs weren't bought in, but harder when people can't get to the area. Our quilt shows are just local, and it seems a lot of similar but still fun to go. Enjoyed seeing the rugs, no way would I put one in my bathroom, lol.


  6. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for your son and soon to be daughter in law.

  7. So sorry the rugs were few..but the ones you showed are wonderful..including your pillow! If I don't get the chance to tell you, hope your son's wedding goes well! Janice

  8. Beautiful rugs and love this gardening gal picture! I'm in with the folks that are turning toward a lighter farmhouse decor... it just feels a bit happier than the dark prim...

  9. Hi Bobbie,
    That cookie table looks so tempting AND dangerous!! I would have a hard time not wanting to try one of each!! Sorry you did not have a large amount of rugs, but the ones you shared are beautiful and perhaps made people pay more attention! Your pillow is lovely and I'm sure you will enjoy making more! Sorry your sales have been slow! I love the lighter look too, but think I am a dark colors girl and prefer color to white! That's just me! I do like light colored walls though, as I think it shows off colors better!! Again, my personal taste!! I think the bottom line what YOU LOVE!!! Now if I just had some of those cookies!!!!
    Take care and enjoy your week!!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Those little sheep at the top of the post are adorable. Would you know if there is a pattern or kit somewhere that I could obtain to recreate the sheep. Absolutely LOVE those sheep!!!