Friday, September 22, 2017


Wow...who'd thought that we would be having 90 degree weather the first day of fall?  I think I'll just stay inside today...I went out yesterday and the hot air hit me like a ton of bricks...a couple of pics to share today....I shared them on FB so sorry if it's a bit redundant ....but a lot of my blogging friends don't go on just a couple of pics....

A little more fall decorating....

And then....I had a Joann Fabric coupon that was burning a hole in my wallet...I'm not a big Joann fan anymore, but when they have 60% off plus and additional 20% off can't beat I went a little crazy with fake stuff....

And then.....(here goes the repetition), a finish inspired by Priscilla and Chelsea's YouTube vlog...  The sweet design, "Miss Grimhild", is by Jenny Hoffman, of Country Rustic Primitives.  I just love her designs...they are so much fun to stitch and does not require dozens of color changes...and this pattern graph, was in color...yay!! You can buy her patterns on Etsy or Patternmart..instant downloads too! I used my old scrub board and attached the design using magnets...I have to get used to the sticky board...never used it before and it is a bit tricky corners aren't perfect...but it will do! 

Last, but not a beautiful birthday card, made by my hooking buddy, Linda Grabda.  She makes the most beautiful cards and either uses wool applique, punch needle, or needle felt.  Everyone of them are unique and beautiful!  Thank you Linda!

Change of plans for next week...we were going to go to Pennsylvania for the antique extravaganza, but due to needing a new roof, having a privacy fence installed, and multiple costly repairs on my husband's old truck (why he doesn't get a new one I have no idea)...we decided not to go this year.  We will be going to the Back to Our Roots show in Medina Ohio, I'm really looking forward to that....hopefully, it will be a lot cooler!!


  1. Fun finish on you Jenny Hoffman design.
    Sweet card from Linda.
    Welcome to Medicare. How did that happen???
    Maybe I'll see you in Medina.

  2. Here in Northern Indiana we are having 6 90 degree days in a row. Going to a horse show tomorrow, and I can't stand those poor horses having to perform in this heat and humidity. Not a fan of either!

  3. Love that cross stitch! Will have to check the pattern out. Have a great weekend. Heading to the beach with the grands tomorrow. Janice

  4. We are going up to 85 on sunday, but I am not complaining, love having nice weather in the fall.
    I do use my coupons, and you can get some good fake stuff;)


  5. that's how Florida is .HOT,HUMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the time. It's yuck. I miss the season change.

  6. Your decorating is gorgeous, prim perfect!

  7. Love that Miss Grimhild design! I had bookmarked the Priscilla and Chelsea vlog, but haven't had a chance to watch any yet.
    I'm about an hour and half away from Renninger's and have yet to make it there for the antique extravaganza... I was there last weekend for the radio show though!... gotta love that market! :-)